To ensure that all of our members can participate in the classes of their choice, our members are able to pre-register for classes on line. By pre-registering for classes, you are guaranteed a spot in that particular class. If you are not able to attend the class you pre-register for, you must cancel within 12 hours of the class or you will be charged $10.00 for that class.

If you try to pre-register for a class and it is full, your name will be put on a waiting this. If a member cancels their pre-registration, you will be notified and able to participate in the class. The reason for the late cancel charge is if a member does not cancel, it does not allow other members to participate in that class. It shows that that particular class is FULL. Their pre-registered spot is taken and other members cannot attend.

Please make sure you cancel 12 hours prior to your class. Thank You!


Don't forget... POWER Yoga this Saturday morning at 9am!!! See you there!


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