To ensure that all of our members can participate in the classes of their choice, our members are able to pre-register for classes on line. By pre-registering for classes, you are guaranteed a spot in that particular class. If you are not able to attend the class you pre-register for, you must cancel within 12 hours of the class or you will be charged $10.00 for that class.

If you try to pre-register for a class and it is full, your name will be put on a waiting this. If a member cancels their pre-registration, you will be notified and able to participate in the class. The reason for the late cancel charge is if a member does not cancel, it does not allow other members to participate in that class. It shows that that particular class is FULL. Their pre-registered spot is taken and other members cannot attend.

Please make sure you cancel 12 hours prior to your class. Thank You!


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Our Certifications

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